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Working at Talpa eCommerce!

Introducing ourselves

We are Talpa eCommerce, the online player that brings together supply and demand in the leisure sector. With our platforms for auctions and direct deals, we offer consumers in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany a diverse range of experiences and products from our partners. In the Netherlands and Belgium, we do this through VakantieVeilingen, SlaJeSlag, and ActieVanDeDag, in French-speaking Belgium through VavaBid, and we serve German consumers with GoWinIt.

Our brands

On our auction platforms,,,, and, consumers determine their own prices in the thousands of auctions we offer every day. From a fun day out and well-deserved vacation to the most beautiful products for themselves or as a gift.

Our deal platforms and are a daily source of non-stop deals for online shoppers, providing more fun and moments of happiness. From day trips to nights out, both nationally and regionally. And from products that make leisure time at home even more enjoyable to smart products designed to save time.

Our mission: everyone a winner!

Our customers are spontaneous online shoppers interested in enjoyable activities or beautiful products for their leisure time. On our platforms, they discover a constantly changing premium assortment, experience the thrill of participating in an auction, and have the opportunity to unexpectedly score a good deal. Our customer base reflects society in terms of age, gender, and income.

We assist our partners in achieving their commercial objectives, serving as an additional sales channel for them. We offer them access to millions of consumers in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany, both nationally and regionally. As part of Talpa Network, we have various channels in the Netherlands, including radio, TV, and social media.

The over 200 eCommerce specialists at Talpa eCommerce are driven by our mission: 'Everyone a winner.' If the consumer wins and our partners win, then we win as well. Let's win together!

This makes customers winners.

Come join us & let’s win together!

Currently we don't have any open positions.

Our application process

Job application

After your application, you will receive a confirmation. We will get to work, and within a week, you will receive a response.


If we see a sufficient match, you will be invited for a first and then a second interview at our office.


For some roles, we may ask you to complete a task or share your portfolio.


Is there a match? We will explain our employment conditions and make you an offer.

Your (future) colleagues

We have top talent in the field of eCommerce on board. At Talpa eCommerce (Emesa), around 200 professionals work in areas such as marketing, category management, product & tech, and sales. Each one of them is committed to achieving the best results for our consumers and partners. We operate in a highly competitive market, requiring an entrepreneurial mindset where everyone seeks smart and innovative solutions for new challenges. Together we play to win!

  • I am Tim Betlem, 33 years old, married, and a father of two children (6 and 7 years old) from Zwaag. In my free time, I engage in sports four times a week and can often be found along the handball and soccer fields. I also enjoy the occasional social gathering.

    At Talpa eCommerce, I work as an account manager in the Local Sales department. What makes the job appealing to me is its diversity. Together with my partners and team, I strive for the best results every day. Whether it's supporting a newly started beauty salon in building a customer base or optimizing the capacity of a large restaurant. I do all of this with a fantastic team where we support each other and have a lot of fun.

    Despite Talpa eCommerce being a large company, I don't feel like just a number here. I am valued and supported, allowing me to bring out the best in myself every day.

    Tim Betlem

    Accountmanager Local Sales

  • My name is Manon, 34 years old, and I've been working at Talpa eCommerce for about 8 years now. I started as a web editor at ActievandeDag. Meanwhile, I have progressed to become the manager of the content team. My team writes the most creative texts for our Dutch brands, even when they have to write about the umpteenth cookware auction. Our current focus is also on implementing SEO and conversion strategies in our deals, auctions, and blogs. In addition, I always strive to support them in becoming even better. No day is the same, and there is always room for growth. That still makes my job enjoyable!

    When I close my laptop on Monday, you'll find me on the grass field next to our office, where I, along with other sporty colleagues, participate in a boot camp training every Monday. In my hometown of Noordwijk, I often find myself on my yoga mat for a yoga or Pilates class. Where am I happiest? That's at my parents' beach house on the Heemskerk beach.

    Manon Ursem

    Manager Content Team

  • Hi, I'm Danny, 31 years old, and I'm from Julianadorp. My passions are mountain biking, gaming, and working on cars.

    At Talpa eCommerce, I work as an IT Engineer (support+). What makes my job so cool is that I genuinely help people with on-site issues, getting to know everyone in the company a bit. It's a social and versatile job where you continuously solve various challenges. Additionally, I closely collaborate with other IT teams to address more complex issues.

    Talpa eCommerce has a personal touch, making the company even more enjoyable. Many activities are organized, allowing you to get to know your colleagues even better. After working here for 4-5 years, I still enjoy my time at Talpa eCommerce!

    Danny Stooker

    Support Engineer

  • Hi, I'm Sjoerd Gooijer, 28 years old, and I work as a supply chain planner at Talpa eCommerce. In my free time, you'll often find me on the tennis or padel court, or else in the pub.

    What makes my job appealing here is the continuous interaction with suppliers and colleagues. Whether I'm involved in inventory planning or coordinating logistics, there's always someone with whom I can exchange ideas or who can support me. Best of all, I have a lot of freedom to shape my role according to my own insights. This allows me the opportunity to improve processes, benefiting both my colleagues, customers, and suppliers.

    Besides work, there's always room for relaxation. Regular drinks or parties are organized, and there's always someone up for a friendly game of table tennis, even if the level of the opponent sometimes falls short.

    Sjoerd Gooijer

    Supply Chain Planner

  • Hi! My name is Martina, 29 years old, and I live in Zaltbommel. I love languages and cultures, city trips, enjoying good food, and I also enjoy binge-watching the latest series. My all-time favorite series are still Friends, Modern Family, and The Office :-)

    I've been working at Talpa eCommerce for over 4 years now. I started as a CRO Specialist and then progressed to become a CRO Lead. In this role, I am responsible for all conversion optimization activities on our auction and deal labels. Together with the UX&CRO team, we dive into data every day, gather feedback from our customers, and come up with smart solutions to make the customer journey as easy as possible.

    What I love about Talpa eCommerce is the international vibe. I collaborate daily with colleagues from all around the world, and the working language (depending on the department) is English. Moreover, you get the freedom to bring your ideas to life, all while working with a fantastic group of colleagues!

    Martina Terzić

    CRO Lead

  • I am Claire Schaeffer, 38 years old, and I come from Waddinxveen, a village in the heart of the Green Heart. In my free time, I enjoy going to the beach or nature, but I also love an evening filled with good food, drinks, and companionship. You'll find me at the gym or the boxing gym daily. I am also a huge Formula 1 and football fan, and I watch all the matches. In recent years, I have discovered a passion for traveling, and more and more bucket list destinations are being added.

    I have been working at Talpa eCommerce for almost 3 years as a Key Account Manager in the national sales team. Together with my fantastic colleagues, we aim to capture the entire leisure market and achieve the best results. Being part of Talpa Network allows us to offer a lot to our partners, bringing diversity and creativity to our collaborations.

    There is ample room for ideas and personal input, making me feel highly appreciated, and I go to work every day with a smile on my face. I am proud to be part of this organization.

    Claire Schaeffer

    Key Accountmanager

  • My name is Ali Yuce, and I come from the vibrant city of Istanbul,Turkey. I thrive on experiencing new things. Exploring new places is exhilarating, but what truly captivates me is immersing myself in the culture and activities of those places. Recently, I discovered a passion for snowboarding, despite a few tumbles along the way. It's a challenge I embrace with gusto.

    My life is centered around two constants: staying active and fostering connections. I prioritize daily workouts and relish opportunities to socialize and expand my network.

    With over three years of tenure at Talpa eCommerce, I've come to cherish the myriad experiences offered within this organization. From  exercise sessions to themed parties and an incredibly supportive network of colleagues, every aspect contributes to a fulfilling work environment that aligns with my values.

    With over three years of tenure at Product & Tech department, I've had the privilege of contributing as an Android Developer, working on cutting-edge applications that elevate our company's offerings. My role involves crafting intuitive user experiences and implementing innovative solutions to meet the evolving demands of our users. I'm empowered to voice my opinions, knowing they hold weight and can drive tangible change within the company. If you're eager to contribute and grow alongside a dynamic team, we welcome you to join us in shaping the future together!

    Ali Yuce

    Android Developer

  • Hi, I'm An, 38 years old, and I live with my family in Zulte, Belgium. For a year now, I've been happily working at Talpa eCommerce, and I haven't regretted my switch to this company for a moment. It's truly fantastic here; a dynamic company with a great atmosphere. You have plenty of freedom to make decisions on your own or get creative.

    As a Strategic Manager, we delve into the latest market trends, analyze what resonates with our target audience, and seek ways to enhance our offerings. Alongside my sales colleagues, we constantly reach out to new potential partners to strengthen everyone's business.

    Talpa eCommerce itself is a Dutch company located in the lively Amsterdam. Working in a Dutch company as a Belgian has its advantages: direct communication, quick decision-making, respect for diverse opinions, and of course, the occasional jokes about their accents and expressions ;-) Our Belgian team consists of about ten people, and we operate from the MeetDistrict in the Ghelamco Arena in Ghent. Even though I'm not a KAA-Gent enthusiast, it's a fantastic place to work, with the added bonus of an Albert Heijn nearby for some treats.

    In short, I've never had a boring, quiet, or hungry workday!

    An Schaeck

    Senior Strategic Category Manager

  • My name is Huib Plemper, 30 years old, and I'm from Amsterdam. In my free time, I enjoy being with friends and family for drinks, dinners, or parties. But I also love a relaxing evening on the couch. To balance things out, I also engage in some sports.

    At Talpa eCommerce, I have been working in the Business Intelligence (BI) department since 2019 and have been the Manager of Business Intelligence since 2021. In BI, we focus on developing dashboards, analyses, and reports so that colleagues from across the company can conduct their own analyses on the performance of their partners, products, processes, or departments. This supports making data-driven decisions within the company. The work and the department bring a nice mix and dynamic between Business and Tech, offering exciting challenges!

    I feel at home at Talpa eCommerce; I have challenging and varied work and collaborate with smart and enjoyable colleagues. Additionally, there are regularly organized fun activities such as Bootcamp, Game night, drinks, and parties. And for relaxation during work, the occasional game of table tennis. A good balance between work and fun!

    Huib Plemper

    Business Intelligence Manager

  • Hello, I'm Migél Smolders, 27 years old, and I live in Eeklo, East Flanders, Belgium. Whenever I can, you'll often find me in the mountains, both on the ski slopes and on my motorcycle. And every day, I manage to burn myself while cooking.

    As a Category Specialist at Talpa E-commerce, I experience how my diverse tasks contribute to the success of auctions on platforms like and Managing my portfolio in the Travel & Leisure categories, predicting demand, and advising our Sourcing & Strategic Category Management team on potential partners gives me a sense of involvement and responsibility. Together, we develop strategies and implement plans for maximum results.

    What makes my work fascinating is the dynamic environment and the constant pursuit of improvement. I collaborate closely with departments such as Strategic Category Management, Sourcing, and Content to ensure our auctions perform optimally. Monitoring performance, analyzing results, and proactively adjusting our approach are crucial aspects of my daily tasks.

    In the inspiring work environment of the young and enthusiastic team, creativity and innovation are encouraged. We are all driven to achieve results, with room for relaxation, such as a game of ping pong during breaks or opening a bottle of cava on Fridays, creating a sense of camaraderie.

    In summary, my work at Talpa E-commerce offers me the perfect blend of challenge, responsibility, and enjoyment, where my efforts directly contribute to the company's success.

    Migél Smolders

    Category Specialist

"Together we play to win" is our motto! Because at Talpa eCommerce, winning is always a team effort. With our customers, our partners, and of course, your colleagues. To achieve this successfully, we adhere to the Talpa eCommerce code:

Put the customer first in everything you do Listen, learn and exceed customer’s expectations. Make our customers feel like winners. Experiment to learn Challenge the status quo, experiment and search for new and better ways of doing things. Fail fast, rebound, learn and grow even faster. Appreciate feedback Actively pursue feedback and act on it. Ask each other how to improve and do things better and smarter. Take time to reflect on your actions and their results. Focus on solutions Tackle problems with solutions (and a sense of humor). Speak your mind, respect alternative views and be humble. Act pro-active and put things into perspective. Live up to your promises Do what you say, deliver on your promises. Be honest and realistic. Act with integrity.

Our code provides guidance on how to deliver on our brand promise: Everyone a winner!

Our offices

HQ Amsterdam

Rietlandpark 333 1019 DW Amsterdam 📧


Ghelamco Arena Ottergemsesteenweg-Zuid 808 bus B 173 9000 Gent 📧